Zenvo TSR-S

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Denmark’s first and only hypercar maker is adding one more model to its lineup: A street legal, 1,177 horsepower, twin supercharged V8 that hits 124 mph in just 6.8 seconds. To properly harness all that power, the TSR-S employs a rather distinct rear feature, something they’re calling the Centripetal Wing. The wing generates three times the downforce of Zenvo’s TS1 GT, and with its multi-axis rotation, delivers cornering stability at any speed by tilting the wing to direct downforce to the inner wheel. It can also tilt upright to function as an airbrake.

The carbon fiber and hybrid composite materials (and the absence of weight dumps like a sound system, a/c, and airbags) bring the weight of the car to just 3,296 pounds. And while its technically street legal, the TSR-S comes with adjustable settings that effectively turn the car into a racer, like two gearbox settings (road and race) and three different drive settings. Zenvo only makes five cars a year, so if you’re (very) lucky, you can be one of the (very) few people to own one. Learn more at Zenvo Automotive.

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