Zeus Custom Honda Monkey 125 Jaak Project

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Zeus Custom has established a great reputation from pouring their passion into the art of motorcycles. Every custom motorcycle built by Zeus is unique, they never build the same bike twice. Their philosophy is every bike is an opportunity to create something new. 

Honda Monkeys have been customized many times over the years, but nobody has built one like this before. The Zeus Custom Honda Monkey 125 Jaak Project is another masterpiece from the Thai builder. Based on a Honda Monkey 125, the Jaak Project by Zeus Custom oozes the kind of style you would envision in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk movie

When presented with the opportunity to build a custom bike out of a Bobber motorcycle, Zeus Custom saw it as a fun challenge. The end result captures the original character of the bike while giving it its own unique identity. 

Zeus Custom Honda Monkey 125 Jaak Project

Modifications have been made all over the Zeus Custom Honda Monkey 125 Jaak Project bike. A Biltwell Torker handlebar has been installed for style and comfort as this U-style bar makes the bike easier to control. The unique custom exhaust features sound absorbing glass designed to create a more aggressive growl with more bass. 

There are so many more customizations featured on the Jaak by Zeus Custom. This custom motorcycle was designed to look good while being a great bike to ride. That becomes crystal clear when you see the complete list of mods performed on this Honda Monkey. A sharp final touch is the black powder coating featured on this custom bike. The Jaak Project is another very unique bike built by Zeus Custom.

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