X25 Zorpads Shoe Inserts

Zorpads Shoe Inserts

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It’s the little style details that make the difference, and believe it or not … that extends to the care you put into your shoes. And keeping your shoes looking and smelling great is something too many guys overlook. To make it easy, there are Zorpads, a NASA-tested shoe insert that uses an internal odor-absorbing surface area to freshen up any shoes.

They’re one size fits all, so they’ll work with everything from your slimmest sneakers to your heaviest boots — all the while upgrading the scent of said shoes. Launched by two Harvard Business School graduates, you can be sure this product has the chops to go the distance — that’s why we like the 25-pack for its stellar value.

With free shipping and neat packaging, Zorpads even considers the little things to be of the utmost importance — just as you should. Stock up as much as you can, as quickly as you can. – Buy It


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