Adventure Mate 5-in-1 Multi-Tool

Adventure Mate 5-In-1 Multi-Tool


Hatchet, hammer, hook, saw, shovel. We’d like to see you hang all that on your belt and not look like the window of a hardware store. Of course if you’re carrying one of these, problem solved. Australian company Adventure Mate has figured out how to get five very different (and usually space-hogging) tools into one canvas holster.

While the obvious application here is camping — when sawing, digging, chopping and pounding is most likely a given — this is also something that would readily hang out in the back of the truck as a there-when-you-need-it, ready-for-whatever backup plan.

The back of the hatchet is a hammer. The handle houses the saw and detaches to lock onto the shovel head. The whole thing is made from rust-resistant steel and, obviously, the hook doubles as a beer opener. Because there must always be a beer opener. – $149


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