Arcade Guide Belt

Arcade Guide Belt

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Never overlook the gear you simply need to have handy to get through the day — a simple, stylish belt is absolutely something you need for stylish denim, linen shorts or even classic nylon camp shorts. And the Arcade Guide Belt ought to do the trick quite nicely.

As it were, the Guide Belt is one design that the brand says is its sturdiest to date. And considering the durable nature of the brand’s belts, that’s saying something. The comfort-fit elastic — combined with weatherproof functionality — makes this a belt fit for your most extreme adventures, from rock climbing to waterfall exploring. It even looks clean and minimal for casual outings — think jeans and your favorite henley, plus easygoing high-top sneakers. Simple and yet capable.

This belt certainly won’t buckle under pressure (pun intended), as lightweight stitching keeps everything in its proper place. So, if forking over just $30 is enough to get you a stellar belt, what’s not to love? – $30
Arcade Guide Belt


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