Bronx Banner Ale

Bronx Banner Ale

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If your love of reliable classics and reliable menswear extends to reliable, quality beer, you’re in luck. The Bronx Brewery can be a bit of a hike if you’re normally used to exploring Brooklyn’s craft beer scene, but it’s well worth the trip if you can snag some Bronx Banner Ale on site. If not, this crisp, Kolsch-inspired ale packs a lot of flavor and an easy-drinking nature into a brew that we like to crack open all year long.

The blend of Belgian pilsner, American wheat malts and Bavarian hops lends the Bronx Banner Ale a quality the brewery calls “soft and perfectly balanced,” and we’d tend to agree. It’s a beer that’s not too overpowering — it’s just great, and that makes it a nice choice to bring to that last big summer BBQ … just make sure you leave a few extra in your fridge. Your guests are going to want all they can get of the Bronx Banner Ale, and we figure that you will, too. Learn more at Bronx Brewery.


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