Buck Mason Bomber Jacket

Buck Mason Bomber Jacket


If you haven’t started thinking of your outerwear as an investment, think again. To help you along in that regard, the Buck Mason Bomber Jacket is exactly what you need. This stunning leather jacket — a new arrival for the brand — is the definition of a timeless classic, built in America with plenty of style and durability in mind.

Fashioned off a classic silhouette and made with supple, 6oz. Calf hide, it features a modern fit, a rich amber brown color, A2-style cuffs and the ability to be easily worn with darn near anything in your wardrobe — be it a slim chambray shirt or one of Buck Mason’s famous T-shirts. It’s the type of leather jacket you’ll own, and wear repeatedly, for years and years on end. To get that type of for under a grand is nearly unheard of. With that being said, pre-order it now — as soon as possible, in fact.


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