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Do more things. That’s what we want from our gear. A phone case that’s a wallet? Sign us up. A pen that facilitates self defense? Send it over. Now here’s a carabiner that not only does what it’s meant to do — attach things (keys, water bottles) to other things (belts, backpacks) — but can also start a fire.

It’s got other functions too. Like opening bottles with the built in bottle opener, cutting paracord with the inset utility blade and tightening things up with the screwdriver tip. But starting fires is what sparked our interest, as it were.

Using patent-pending Ever Spark technology, the Spark Wheel comes with replaceable ferro rods to easily start fires in all weather conditions. We can see this coming in handy a lot: camping, backpacking, barbecuing. And when it’s not starting fires, there it is, hanging out, ready for whatever. – $15



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