Hitch & Timber Flat Jacket Wallet

Hitch & Timber Flat Jacket Wallet


If the makers of a wallet take the time to hand-stitch it down to the last detail, you know it’s got to be worthy of your time and money. And if you’ve been searching for a reliable way to take care of your essentials — whether on the daily or in advance of your next trip — the handsome, rugged and decidedly tough Flat Jacket Wallet from Hitch & Timber is the wallet to buy.

It’ll look great sliding into the pocket of dark selvedge denim, and it’ll likely take on more character every day it’s used. That’s a positive — trust us. It’s made from beautiful Horween Dublin leather that, as the brand says, highlights the natural grain for a refined finish. It contrasts nicely with the hand stitching, and the American-made construction is absolutely evidence of durability and quality. In summary: It’s everything you could want in a wallet. – $48


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