Keychain Duct Tape

Keychain Duct Tape


Time and time again, duct tape has proven to be one of the most useful tools at a man’s disposal. What used to be a last resort fix has become a frontline staple in every guy’s tool box. While it’s effectiveness remains unquestioned, carrying a roll of duct tape with you everyday is both absurd and impractical, until now.

Roughly the size of a tube of Chapstick, Keychain Duct Tape is perfect for any everyday carry kit, and features your choice of 18 inches of Gorilla Tape or 24 inches of Gaffers Tape on a brass or stainless steel key fob. Its easily refillable, fits seamlessly onto your existing keychain, and made to last a lifetime. – $20.

Keychain Duct Tape


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