Marshall Multi-Room WiFi Speakers

Marshall Multi-Room WiFi Speakers


Instantly recognizable from stages the world over, Marshall also continues to admirably pursue bringing that same quality, excellent sound and reliable design to gear that’s quite a lot smaller than the massive stacks of amps that you might find at an AC/DC concert or at your favorite music festival. That same attention to detail and quality isn’t lost with a smaller package, though.

The Marshall Acton Multi-Room Wi-Fi Speaker System manages to get it right in terms of clean, crisp sound and terrific functionality. And if you’re an audiophile or just want to have your favorite tunes with you everywhere, that’s good news indeed. Each speaker connects wirelessly for ease of access and use, and you can — and should — combine it with other Marshall wireless speakers for the crystal-clear sound quality and instant access that you crave when it comes to your favorite tunes. Just set up quickly, connect wirelessly and start spinning your favorite tunes — that’s practically a party right there. Learn more at Marshall.

Marshall Multi-Room Speakers Marshall Speakers


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