MAtador Beast Packable Backpack

Matador Beast Packable Backpack

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When a backpack is called the “Beast,” you best believe it’s got the specs to back up such a hard-wearing. With the Beast Packable Backpack, Matador is definitely ensuring that this bag can live up to the hype — and the name itself.

The 28-liter carrying capacity is large enough to haul all your goods when you need it to do so — say, for a quick and efficient overnight trip — and yet it packs down to the size of a football (yes, a football) when the situation requires it. The rest of the time, helpful design touches like gear loops on the exterior allow you to bring along even more of your everyday carry that can’t fit in the bag itself, and the PU-coated nylon adds another layer of toughness when the occasion calls for it (which, if we’re being honest, could come up a lot on outdoor trips).

A hip belt helps with support, while a hydration pocket takes care of another adventure essential we all need. In short, this is one bag that’s got everything thought out, designed and compressed into one piece of gear — not bad at all. – $90

Matador Beast Packable Backpack


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