Nomad Ultra Rugged Cables

Nomad Ultra Rugged Cables


Nomad didn’t invent the charging cable, but they may have just perfected it by way of the new Ultra Rugged Cables. When a power outlet isn’t readily available, the Ultra Rugged Cable’s onboard 2,350mAh portable battery will deliver juice straight to your phone when you’re in a pinch, and charge your phone first before itself when you finally get to chance to connect to a power source.

Perhaps the cable’s greatest asset is it’s ability to hold up to the rough and tumble of everyday use. Built like a tank, the Ultra Rugged Cables boast reinforced RF shielding for fast data syncing and a kevlar core covered by a 2X thick PVC jacket, which is further protected by a braided ballistic 1000D woven nylon. Available in your choice of a lightning cable, a universal cable, or a battery cable. – $30+

Nomad Ultra Rugged Cables


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