Pioneer 10XD Ripstop Division Bifold Wallet


The question “What’s in your wallet?” takes on potent meaning when considering the Pioneer Carry Ripstop Bifold Wallet — people are more likely to ask “What’s that wallet?” Made from a unique and technologically innovative FutureFoam heat-molded 10XD ripstop fabric, this wallet is without a doubt the sturdiest and toughest you’ve owned — to say the least.

It’s a sleek, minimal silhouette with space for up to 12 cards and cash. And yet, it’s a wallet that is stronger than steel in terms of its construction, meaning you can take your essentials and go … well, just about anywhere.

You can be sure it’s an extremely dependable, tough wallet — and if you haven’t yet experienced the reliability of something like the Pioneer Carry Ripstop Bifold Wallet, we think you should. Slide it into the front pocket of your jeans and get ready to go. – $85

Pioneer Ripstop Division Bifold Wallet


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