Seyvr Phone Charging Wallet

Seyvr Power Saver Wallet


A Phone-Charging Wallet

Sooner or later your phone is going to die while your away from an outlet. It’s an inevitable fact that will probably happen sooner rather than later if you’re one who prefers to use up every bit of their data plan each month. You could carry a separate portable charger with you, which will likely add tremendous bulge to your already stuffed pockets, or you could opt for the Seyvr Power Saver Wallet ($75+) instead.

Available for both iPhone and Android smartphones, the Seyvr Power saver Wallet is a minimalist wallet that has been outfitted with a 1400mAh rechargeable battery along with your choice of either a Micro USB or an Apple Lightning Connector, depending on which phone you carry. Additional features include a reinforced leather construction, built-in pockets for securing up to six cards, and an attached money clip for stowing cash and receipts.

Seyvr Phone Charging Wallet


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