Snow Peak Field Oven

Snow Peak Field Oven


In the way of essential gear for getting out and about off the beaten path, Snow Peak’s outerwear and apparel might just rank quite high on your list. That’s not all Snow Peak does, though — they’re a lifestyle brand built for plenty of adventures, and the Snow Peak Field Oven is evidence of that.

The Snow Peak Field Oven teams with the brand’s Pack and Carry Fireplace, notably — what does that mean for you, intrepid camper? Well, let’s just say you’ll have everything you need to cook bread, pie, pizza and more. Sound too good to be true? That’s not quite the case — seeing as it’s made in part with stainless steel, it’ll work perfectly and durably on outdoor adventures through fall and winter.

And if it’s a piece of equipment you hadn’t yet considered bringing with you on your next trip, you should know that it’s not as much of an investment as you might think. If you ask us, that means the Snow Peak Field Oven should go anywhere you go in the great outdoors. – $300

Snow Peak Field Oven


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