Soundboks 2 Speaker

Soundboks 2 Speaker


Say you want to host a shindig on a deserted tropical island. An all around great idea. Just one thing: where do you plug in the speakers? Unless you want your party people to dance to the sound of your ukulele, you bring along one (or a few) of these speakers. Each is capable of sending out 122 decibels of sound and packs 40 hours of battery life in an apocalypse-ready, shockproof casing.

Weighing in at 33 pounds, the plug-and-play bluetooth connected speakers can get rained on (or get beer spilled on them) and withstand temps of up to 122º F and as low as -4ºF. The battery can be swapped out for continuous play and they get loud enough for 100+ people to feel the music. All you provide is the island. – $899


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