1963 Rolex Submariner

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First, allow me to make an honest statement that almost every watch enthusiast already knows.  Your chances of walking into any authorized Rolex dealer and purchasing a new sport model Rolex are about as good as driving through downtown Atlanta without hitting any traffic.  It just isn’t going to happen now.  Since a new Rolex Sub is off the table for most of us, a vintage Rolex is the next logical choice.  Sure, you’ll still pay a premium, but choosing a vintage watch opens up your options to a variety of unique styles and potentially good investments. 

This 1963 Rolex Submariner is a great piece to start with. The 5513 model Sub was manufactured for nearly 27 years, so it’s hardly a rare timepiece, however its many, many variants alone make it a highly sought after model nonetheless.  It’s also the same model donned by Mr. James Bond himself, twice by Roger Moore and then by actor George Lazenby in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service — his only appearance as 007.

The timepiece is in overall excellent condition considering its age, with light wear to the case and bezel and slight stretch to the bracelet, consistent for a watch that was keeping time well before Americans landed on the moon.

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