1966 Vintage Rolex GMT-Master Ref. 1675

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Before the GMT-Master II, there was the Rolex GMT-Master, and this vintage timepiece from 1966 is the second ever reference from the legendary travel watch. Reference 1675 came to market in the ‘50s and is known for being one of the longest-running Rolex references ever. Many hardcore fans might know that the models that came along in this era represent a shift in the crown’s history, this watch maintaining the earlier glossy dial before the full shift into matte ones. It’s a survivor of sorts.

Any vintage GMT-Master is impressive, but it’s qualities with historical importance, like this, that really add to its long-lasting collectibility. It’s also the first reference to use crown guards, giving it a more solid sport watch silhouette than its predecessors.

Naturally, the Pepsi bezel has maintained its vivid colors over time. It’s powered by a heritage movement, the 1575, which is reliably hard-wearing. So despite this watch being already decades old, it definitely has more decades of life within it.

  • Price: $24,995
  • Movement: Automatic 1575
  • Crystal: Acrylic

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