Three Pepsi Bezel Watches At Three Different Price Points

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In both style and horology, the Pepsi bezel holds an interesting status. It’s a definite classic, an essential for the comprehensive watch collector even. Unlike most classics though, like, say, the visually function-forward look of a quintessential dive watch, the Pepsi bezel isn’t at all understated. It’s almost like a cheat code for practical, traditional guys to have a little fun. We’re here to help you do that, regardless of your budget.

The three Pepsi bezel watches presented here come at three completely different price points. They all sport that beloved contrast bezel and they all feature excellent specs for price. There’s no denying that red-and-blue is a captivating combination—43 national flags can’t be wrong.

Rolex GMT Master II Ref. 16710

Rolex GMT Master II Ref. 16710

Price: $10,990+

The heir to the original Pepsi, and the world’s most famous travel watch, this Reference 16710 of the GMT Master II was an important step in the model’s modernization. It was the immediate successor to the first GMT Master with a II at the end of its title, aka the first to offer independent 12-hour and 24-hour hands allowing a third time zone into the mix. It’s equipped with a similar three-zone, smooth-as-butter movement, Calibre 3185, but one that’s much slimmer. Like its predecessor, the 16710 boasts historical importance but is classier and more versatile, wear-wise and style-wise.

The always-impressive Rolex specs make this watch perfect for pragmatic watch-wearers looking for an ultimate sports watch, as well as the aesthetically-oriented. The colors on the bezel, along with the dial’s gold-trimmed elements, are vivid at every angle.

Tudor Black Bay GMT Watch

Tudor Heritage Black Bay GMT

Price: $4,375

In the same Hans Wilsdorf family as the Rolex GMT Master, the Heritage Black Bay GMT from Tudor checks all the boxes of a Swiss hard-hitter, operationally, in its design, and in its relevance to the brand. It runs on a COSC-certified Chronometer, meaning you can expect this hard-wearing, high-frequency automatic to stay accurate in basically any condition. Plus, MT5652 was Tudor’s first in-house GMT movement. It’s also 100 meters more waterproof than modern GMT Master IIs.

This watch has a vintage charm about it, from the mesmerizing blurred edges on the sapphire crystal to the guardless crown. As always, the signature snowflake hands add character, while the use of a more burgundy-leaning shade on the bezel ups the sophistication factor.

Q Timex Reissue Watch

Q Timex Reissue

Price: $189

What makes the Q Timex Reissue stand out from countless other similarly-priced budget Pepsi watches is two-fold. First, it offers a truly inspired composition instead of just recreating the GMT Master using inferior materials. Its hooded lugs provide a gradual silhouette that wears comfortably like a cuff, but also gives a solid aesthetic to balance out the frenetic look of the thin-linked bracelet. 

Second, it’s a legit US-made design straight from the Timex archives, accurately re-rendered all the way down to the user-friendly battery hatch (the original came out in 1979). A classic in its own right, the Q Timex Reissue excitingly combines on-template design standards with brand-specific distinctions.

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