1969 Ford GT40

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The Last One Ever Made By Ford

Some cars reach legendary status. Others are iconic. There are even timeless examples that will never fade from their glory. In the case of the 1969 Ford GT40, the last one ever made by Ford, there are no words left to describe its immortality. 

For collectors and enthusiasts, the opportunity to own the last GT40 ever made by Ford is here. Officially verified as chassis P/1085 by GT40 historian Ronnie Spain, this is the real deal. The reputable Gooding & Company is making this GT40 available for sale via auction. 

As one of only 105 models to exist, this particular GT40 features the 1968 JWA “Gulf Spec” setup. Powering this historic race car is a V8 engine from Gurney-Weslake. Most of these 302 cubic-inch V8s from the era produce well over 400 horsepower. There were many different displacements used in various GT40 configurations but many drivers like the way the car handles with the 302-ci V8.

It also features a very similar wheel and brake setup as the 1968 and 1969 Le Mans winners. Purchasing the car includes access to complete service history and other information. The chassis still features the original bodywork. 

This is a pure race car. You could store it in a museum or actually take it to the track, the GT40 is right at home in either place. To fully understand this car’s legacy, you have to know that Ferrari won every 24 Hours of Le Mans race from 1960 to 1965. Ford broke their streak with a GT40 victory in 1966. For the next three years, the American endurance race car dominated the race.

From being a major piece of racing history to being the very last GT40 ever made by Ford, this car already has plenty of interest. Most people only get to see replicas of this car, very few have ever seen a real version in person. 

This 1969 Ford GT40 will find a new home without any effort. You will regret it forever if you do not place a bid if you are a fan of this car. If you want to feel the chills while sitting in such an important car, this is the way.

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