1969 Lamborghini Miura S ‘Jota Specification’

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If you are a fan of vintage supercars, the 1969 Lamborghini Miura S ‘Jota Specification’ needs no introduction to you. In the eyes of many collectors and enthusiasts, the Lamborghini Miura is really the car that started the supercar wars that are currently still taking place around the globe. The eternal chase for supercar perfection pushes engineers and designers to break barriers previously deemed impossible to achieve.

When Lamborghini originally launched the Miura, it was a groundbreaking design featuring mid-engine placement, rear-wheel drive, and plenty of performance with 345 horsepower at your disposal. By 1968, the prestigious Italian automaker unleashed the ‘S’ variant of the Miura. The Miura S added 20 horsepower over a standard edition of the same supercar bringing the horsepower total up to 365.

However, the very best version of the Miura S remained a one-off edition known as the Jota Specification. Back in the day, Bob Wallace was a Lamborghini development driver with a vision to build a Miura with FIA racing appendix J specifications. As a result, Wallace made significant changes to the Miura’s chassis, engine, and even body in his pursuit of more performance.

1969 Lamborghini Miura S 'Jota Specification'

Some of the modifications Wallace made include reducing the total weight of the Miura by about 800 pounds. He replaced steel body panels with lightweight aluminum alloy and replaced glass windows with plastic alternatives. Further modifications were made to the suspension system giving the Miura improved track handling.

On top of that, Wallace added a front spoiler and swapped the headlights out with fixed versions of the front lamps. Bob even found lightweight wheels for his Miura vision. Of course, Wallace was not done yet.

The biggest modifications to the Miura came from Bob’s engine modifications. Bob was able to unlock more power from the Lamborghini V12 engine by increasing the compression ratio, modifying the camshafts, adding electric ignition, and using dry-sump engine lubrication. Once Bob added a less-restrictive exhaust system, the Miura S Jota Specification was producing between 418 to 440 horsepower.

Not many people have the onions to modify a supercar but Bob Wallace did. He turned a very impressive machine into a true beast of its era. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get your hands on the original Miura Jota Specification because it was destroyed. 

At one point, the original owner of the Jota Miura commissioned two former Lamborghini employees to build a Jota tribute car that is known as Millechiodi. As for this particular 1969 Lamborghini Miura S ‘Jota Specification’, it was modified into a Jota between the years of 2006 to 2013. The bill was over $450,000 for the conversion.

This is one of the best chances you will ever get to own a Jota Specification Miura. It is available for sale through the reputable RM Sotheby’s. The Arancio Miura exterior finish is gorgeous while complementing the classic Nero leather interior. If you are looking to add a Miura to your garage, this is the right one for you. You can even put some miles on it without feeling guilty.
From experiencing The Cannonball Run to participating in a vintage Italian sports car tour, this Miura will turn heads everywhere it goes. Don’t let it get away because this may be your only chance to ever drive a Jota Miura.

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