1972 Rolex ‘Red’ Submariner Ref. 1680

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This Red Rolex Submariner from 1972 is named so because of the red Submariner appellation right above the water resistance moniker. That’s just one of several defining characteristics that make this timepiece distinctly collectible. Reference 1680 was the first to use a date window, a quality so ubiquitous with the Sub that many mistakenly refer to modern-day standard Subs as “No Date Submariners.” The misspelled stamp on the dive extension (“PATETED” instead of “PATENTED”) is the kind of quirk that leads to rarity, and eventually investment value—which this watch has plenty of.

Collector features aside, this is just an uncommon, cool-looking Sub. The extra space the coined edges are given on the bezel almost make it look like a Sea-Dweller, while the almost-denim, sort-of gray insert pairs naturally with the tropical indices.

Price: $34,500

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