2022 Honda Monkey

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When it comes to riding a two-wheeler, there are very few bikes as easy to ride as the 2022 Honda Monkey. Whether you are trying to get the monkey off your back to finally learn how to ride or if you just want convenient transportation, this Honda is up to the task.

Bike enthusiasts around the globe need no introduction to the Monkey, Honda’s minibike first hit the streets in the ‘60s. Although the old Z series does provide the inspiration for the modern version, the 2022 Monkey is actually based on the Honda Grom design.

One of the updates for the 2022 model includes a newly-designed air-cooled engine. This 124cc engine produces a little over nine horsepower with eight pound-feet of torque. Don’t let those single digits fool you, this grasshopper can reach speeds up to 56 miles per hour leaving plenty of room for fun.

Another update for the 2022 Monkey is the introduction of a 5-speed gearbox replacing the old 4-speed version. The additional gear provides a more comfortable cruising experience, especially at higher speeds. 

This is a great mini-motorcycle to learn the dynamics of riding on. Considering it has a wet weight of only 229 pounds or 104 kilograms, maneuvering the Monkey is a piece of cake. 

Plus, this minibike is compact enough that you can easily tuck it away behind your camper for a weekend getaway or other outdoor adventure. Honda offers a rear carrier as an optional but available accessory.

Yes, this Monkey can cruise around the city easily but it also likes to get a little dirty. There are twin rear shocks with two-stage springs to help you handle uneven surface terrain. Disc brakes in the front and rear will help you slow your roll should you find a little too much trouble out there.

Even if you are not quite sold on the 2022 Honda Monkey yet, the next time you are stuck in traffic, you will be. Visions of yourself zooming between the endless lanes of jammed traffic on the Monkey will be dangling a carrot of freedom in front of you.

That’s the soul of a motorcycle calling to you. Where there’s a will, every rider finds a way. Should you choose to listen, the Honda Monkey will guide you from here.

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