2022 Volcon Grunt Electric Motorcycle

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As a long-time rider of V-twins and enduro bikes, I was skeptical of Volcon’s new 2022 model Grunt Electric Motorcycle. No gears? No clutch? No gas? What business does this company have calling this thing a motorcycle, anyway?

Turns out I couldn’t have been more wrong. The Volcon Grunt is a fantastic little backroads vehicle that falls halfway between a motorcycle and an ATV, with a high-torque motor and big knobby tires that make it perfect for outdoor adventures. Its 75-mile range is respectable for a bike of this size, and you can even carry a spare battery inside the frame to double that range. 

Will I be replacing my standard road-ready bike with one of these? No. But I’ll definitely keep it in mind for days spent tooling around on the trails or getting a few chores done on the farm.

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