66°North x HEIMPLANET The Cave XL 4-Season Tent

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Nature photographer Benjamin Hardman spends years in unpredictable Icelandic weather. Out there on the highlands of Iceland, his tent is a refuge from the harsh Arctic elements and a tiny spot of comfort amidst the unforgiving terrain. 

The 60-second set-up time and super strong design of the 66°North x HEIMPLANET 4-Season Tent (which kept Hardmand safe in 100km/h winds and freezing blizzards) make this a top choice for outdoor enthusiasts in any and all seasons. 

The inflatable construction, spacious interior, and eye-catching exterior ensure that this tent would be easy to find in any weather, and a reliable luxury to return to after any adventure. It packs down to the size of a 30L dry bag for efficient storage

Fun fact: The fly sheet extends all the way from the top to the ground, because in Iceland, apparently rain comes from the ground up as well as from the sky above, thanks to the strong winds.

Price: $1,199

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