The 90s Quizpedia: The Ultimate Book of Trivia

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If you know how to do the Macarena, are familiar with Mortal Kombat moves, and remember who shot Mr. Burns, this book is for you. Split into categories like “Buddy Cop Movies” and “The Cartoon Era” it will test your knowledge of the decade of grunge, NES, and Friends with 45 quizzes at ten questions a pop. Challenge yourself and then challenge a friend—someone in the 35 to 55 age bracket, or one of those young whipper snappers who finds themselves obsessed with the last millennium’s final decade.  

At the very least, The 90s Quizpedia serves as a great nostalgia factory. Even if you can’t answer every question with 100 percent accuracy, you’ll still be reminded of the fact that Jennifer Aniston’s layered haircut on Friends had a name, and that name was The Rachel. 

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Black Friday Sales