10 Email Newsletters Worth Subscribing To

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There’s a lot of Internet out there. Most of it’s terrible. Some of it’s ok. And a fraction of it is actually good. It seems every site throws that email sign-up box at you before you can say “just looking.” So being judicious with your @ dot com is a wise move which we fully support. That’s why we trudged through the nonsense and came up with ten email newsletters worthy of your inbox — all stemming from that good part of the Internet.

Take email back to a time when it was useful. Something you actually wanted. Instead of just performing daily sweeps to the trash. Subscribe to these email newsletters and learn new facts, find good stuff to read, up your style, or figure out what’s for dinner. When you open your inbox you’ll actually enjoy what you see. Here are the 10 best men’s email newsletters to subscribe to right now.

Birddog's The Weekly Bird Newsletter

Birddog’s The Weekly Bird

“Jokes written for us. But you’re welcome to read.” That’s how Birddog describes their newsletter, The Weekly Bird, and we’re here for it. Comically illustrated articles range from “The Legend of April Big Cannons” to “How to Survive in Prison” to “Proven Methods for Getting a Girl’s Attention” (hint: They are in fact, all jokes). The Weekly Bird’s off-kilter sense of humor gives us something to chuckle and smile about, and their stripped-down comic style is just right for quick reads.

Pink’s Pickleball

Pickleball is no doubt the fastest growing sport in America right now, with countless tennis courts across the vast ocean of county and city parks being converted into pickleball courts. It’s one fun sport with a really cool community. Why not subscribe to a weekly email dedicated to the sport? You’ll find everything pickleball in Pink’s weekly email, including short, digestible tips and tricks, opinion pieces on the sport, curated videos, pickle gear, a pickleball playlist, and more.

Elevator Newsletter


Unless you’re in one of those cushy don’t-quite-really-do-any-work office jobs, you can’t spend all day browsing the web. So let the guys at Elevator do it for you. They curate daily digests of the coolest guys’ stuff from all across the internet. On any given day, you might get a deep dive into world culture, some serious eye candy from Instagram, or maybe the latest and greatest in new gear and accessories for dapper gentlemen. It’ll save you plenty of time, and give you even more to keep your interests piqued.

Huckberry Email Newsletter


Huckberry is the place to go if you’re looking for heritage-quality menswear and everyday carry and outdoor gear. But it’s more than just a collection of clothes and gear: It’s taking on a whole life of its own as an example of the type of lifestyle most guys really want for themselves. Their newsletter does great work here, showcasing equal parts of the latest clothing and gear as well as in-depth features on the Huckberry crew’s favorite things and places.

Man Of Many Newsletter

Man Of Many

Australia’s largest men’s lifestyle site, Man of Many, has been pumping out independently-research news for culture, lifestyle, and public interest matters for well over a decade now—and they’re still going strong. They’re our first stop for everything from breaking news to fashion, art, music, design, lifestyle and entertainment coverage, and their video coverage is top notch. They’re definitely one of the more refined men’s newsletters out there.

Shift Email Newsletter


The internet is full of big promises: Get rich quick. Grow your—ahem—biceps by inches in just a few weeks. Lose fat like you’ve never lost it before. That’s all well and good, but let’s be honest—it’s also pretty overwhelming, even if the advice doesn’t just downright suck. Shift is a different sort of self help newsletter, made for guys who want to be just a little bit better, a little bit fitter, and a little bit more adventurous, day in and day out. We love their style, and continue to appreciate their common sense advice and quick-witted editorials.

The Hustle Newsletter

The Hustle

If you’ve got your fingers in any entrepreneurial pie, The Hustle is one list you’ll want to get on. Each weekday morning you’ll be sent a dose of the goings on in tech and business with Hustle’s take on five bits of news you should know. Also: games, gear, and song recommendations to round things out.

Now I Know Email Newsletter

Now I Know

They say you learn something new every day. “They” must be signed up for Dan Lewis’s email. It goes out once a weekday and will bring you a thoroughly researched, compulsively interesting, and well written factoid about flags, poker, garbage, unicorns, and much much more.

GearMoose Newsletter For Men

GearMoose Newsletter

Would a list of indispensable newsletters be complete without this one? Obviously not. Each and every dang Tuesday of the year you’ll get: Beer. Knives. Motorcycles. Style. EDC. Watches. Hatchets. Boots. Beard waxes. If it’s something you should wear, carry, drive, look at, and/or drink, we’ll write about it, in the best way possible.

Jack's Flight Club

Jack’s Flight Club

The first rule of Flight Club is—hey, wait a minute, that says flight club. Alright, new rule: The first rule of Jack’s Flight Club is, you have to tell other people about Jack’s Flight Club. As the natural successor to Scott’s Cheap Flights (now that that website isn’t so cheap anymore), Jack’s Flight Club is the bargain shopper’s answer to domestic and international flights. Whether you’re looking for a trip to a specific destination or just an excuse to visit somewhere entirely new, you need to sign up for this newsletter.

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