Aarke Carbonator II

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It’s out there. The perfect cocktail. Sure, it’ll be different for everyone, with variations on the theme, mixers, and base (the correct base, of course, being whiskey). Right now I’m making lots of horse’s necks — and this contraption may very well hold the key to making the perfect one. Built to not look tacky on your countertop, the Aarke Carbonator II is a sleek and silvery carbonated water maker that turns plain old flat water into bubbly, drink-ready soda water. 

The carbonator comes with a specially-designed bottle you fill with water and screw onto the unit. A pull of the lever brings on the fizz. After that, you can drink as is (I guess), or add your flavorings/syrups and then booze. Fresh ginger syrup. Lemon juice. A little bubble water from this beauty. High West Double Rye… If there is such a thing as perfection, that may well be it. 

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