AER City Sling

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If overstuffed pockets make you feel like a bad magician but a full-on backpack seems like overkill, what you need is a sling. A sling? A secure, hands-free paragon of organization. Unlike a fanny pack that you choose to wear cross-body, the sling is designed for that bandolier-style carry, laying relatively flat against your chest or back. When it comes time to pay for that beer, snap a pic of that view, or don your shades, the sling is right there with fast, intuitive access.  

Like its name suggests, the City Sling from AER will have you gliding through the matrix of your metropolis like Neo on Crisco. A hidden back pocket keeps your wallet or passport securely close to your body and multiple interior pockets handle your sunglasses, earbuds, multitool, and Clif bars. There’s even a front pocket with a key lanyard so you’re never fumbling at the front door. 

Made from ballistic nylon, it’ll survive many years of hard use in the urban jungle. And thanks to the adjustable, body-contoured design, it’ll be hanging out across your shoulders, ready to give up the goods, stat. 

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