Aged & Ore Whiskey Tasting Flight

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Why try one whiskey, when you could try four? Tasting flights have been the rage at high-end bars for the past decade or so—and now, Aged & Ore is aiming to bring that same tasting experience into your home, all in one convenient package.

Their Whiskey Tasting Flight Set comes with three main components: Four specially designed whiskey tasting glasses, a matching serving tray, and four silicone bottle tags. Those tags match up with an etching on the bottom of each whiskey glass, so you can set up blind tastings for your family and friends.

I’m particularly impressed with the design of Aged & Ore’s glasses. They build on the classic Glencairn style—fluted, with a bulb at the bottom and a small bend in the lip of the glass that makes them perfect for nosing and sipping. But then, they add a useful self-measuring feature. The widest point of each glass indicates a ½ ounce pour that’s ideal for sampling without getting smashed. Overall, an excellent gift for yourself or a spirit-loving friend.

Price: $38

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