Alchemi Aerating Whiskey Glass

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Remember: Whiskey is as much an aromatic and visual experience as it is for your palette. The Alchemi Aerating Whiskey Glass is both a piece of art and a piece of science. It’s made from borosilicate glass, which is temperature and corrosion resistant, on top of offering optical clarity. Good thing too, because that internal tulip shape, framed by the icy outer glass is a seductive sight, especially when whiskey pours in like liquid gold, before settling into a dimensional piece of liquid crystal.

Don’t care about looks, durability, or the fact it’s easy to clean? Well, when it comes to taste, the aeration provided by this design tempers unwanted harshness, enlivens the brighter notes, and diffuses the aroma. This glass can basically level up any cheap whiskey, while optimizing the best bourbons.

Price: $20

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