Alder New York All Purpose Comb

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More often than not, finding your perfect haircut is as easy as finding the right tools for the job — and from a slick pomade to a barber who knows exactly how to style your hair, stylish guys (like yourself) have more tools at their disposal than ever before. That’s no joke, and that list of tools to get your perfect haircut just got a little longer, thanks to the Alder New York All Purpose Comb.

Its a sharp, sleek, old-school comb to add to your grooming and haircare routine — no doubt about it. It’s more expensive than the cheap combs you’ll find at your local drugstore, and your hair will be all the better for it (considering it akin to investing in a better ‘do). It’s made with heavy-duty, pre-consumer recycled plastic for a nice and sustainable touch, while the sleek design is surprisingly sharp and again, old-school.

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