Alfa Romeo Totem GT Electric

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If you appreciate retro-modern styling, there are not a lot of electric vehicle options for you on the current market. That changes today with the Alfa Romeo Totem GT Electric car. Cheers to Alfa Romeo and Totem Automobili for this one. They nailed it.

Alfa Romeo is full of racing heritage and they have more than a few stylish masterpieces under their belt at this point in the game. You can clearly see the inspiration Alfa’s 60s cars provide for the design of the Totem GT. Compare it to the 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA for starters. 

Then, take a moment to appreciate the contemporary influence on the Totem. From the retro-modern front end following a sharp body line to the flaring rear fenders, the Totem has an aggressive stance. Take a look at the meats in the back and you will think twice about wanting to line up at a red light against one of these.

The Alfa Romeo Totem GT Electric can go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in only 3.4 seconds. It can reach a top speed of 152 miles per hour. This is not just an innocent looking European electric car, it can move.

Other notable details behind this Alfa Romeo and Totem Automobili collaboration include a 100% handmade carbon fiber body. It is a true electric car, not a hybrid. The GT features a 50.4 kWh battery pack capable of going 220 miles between charges. Listed at 518 horsepower with 980 Nm of torque, the GT Electric is just getting things started.  

If this is the future, people are ready to sign up today. The Alfa Romeo GT Electric provides a classy finish with a luxurious interior. It is very quick and will turn heads everywhere it goes. The automatic gearbox makes it easy for anyone to drive. There is no reason to say no. 

It even simulates the sound of an engine, which the customer can customize to their preference. How do you want your electric Alfa GT to sound? Contact Totem Automobili to start customizing your own exhaust note without creating any emissions.  

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