Almanac Tropical Galaxy Beer

Almanac Tropical Galaxy Beer

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Almanac Beer company has a thing for fruit. And barrels. And farms. Almanac was started in 2010 by two guys who liked brewing beer and going to farmer’s markets. Now each year they partner with different farms on their Northern California home turf for the local fruits that go into making their unique beers. Most of their brews go on to age in oak barrels where they further ferment and evolve. The result is a lineup of beer you don’t see everywhere — Pumpkin Pie de Brettaville, Lavender Honey and Strawberry Basil, just to name a few.

For this particular treat they went tropical, adding mango lime and coconut to a Brett style beer in giant oak barrels. Finished with Galaxy hops, known for lending citrus-y/passionfruit-y notes, Tropical Galaxy will set you adrift… intergalactically. Learn more about Tropical Galaxy at Almanac Beer.


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