Alpacka Ranger Raft

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When you venture out into the great unknown, uncharted territory that you might only have read about or dreamed about, you best come prepared. We’re talking about epic adventures that require only the most durable and adventurous outdoor gear. And even if you have more leisurely pursuits in mind, remember what we said about preparation: It’s still crucial. You’re going to be prepared for your next river-centric outing with the Alpacka Ranger Raft, the definition of a next-level piece of outdoor equipment that cuts no corners. 

With enough room for one person and your gear (or one person, your hunting dog and your gear), it’s an efficient and effective way to traverse rivers and streams for weeks at a time. It looks pretty darn cool, it’s not overly heavy, and packs down to a 10 by 18 inch size for travel. Trust us when we say it’s worth the investment at more than a grand. You can also add dry bags, among other options, to give yourself even more carrying capacity in the great outdoors. 

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