Anchor Brewing 2020 Christmas Ale

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Forty-six years is a heck of a long time to perfect a beer, and it’s an even longer time to come up with different variations on the same style of said beer, but that’s exactly what Anchor Brewing has done as they’ve honed the excellence that is the annual Anchor Christmas Ale. Anchor Brewing’s 2020 Christmas Ale carries on the brewery’s time-honored lineage when it comes to attention to detail and craftsmanship, and this year is certainly no different. 

The recipe is both top-secret and ever-changing year in and year out, and it’s even more covetable given the fact that Anchor updates its label with each new edition. Each year, a tree is picked to highlight key themes and an inspiring holiday message, and this year’s ale is graced with a label featuring, well, The Three Graces from California’s Mariposa Grove. The Three Graces represent joy, radiance, and flowering, and it’s even more fitting that the beer contained therein should prove an uplifting and enjoyable holiday sipper (to say the very least). 

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