Anchor Brewing Baykeeper IPA

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There are many things we appreciate when it comes to the craft beer universe: A rich, well-made IPA, a favorite brewery innovating with a new beer, the pleasure of trying a flavorful beer cold right out of the bottle (or draft glass — we’re not picky). With the Baykeeper IPA from Anchor Brewing, we’ve got all of those boxes checked off — and we’re very happy about it. You certainly will be too, if you’re interested in trying an innovative new beer release from one of the country’s foremost (and pioneering) craft beer purveyors.

The Anchor Brewing reputation dates back since before many of its current drinkers were likely born, and it’s with that spirit of heritage and innovation in mind that they’ve made the Baykeeper IPA. This delicious IPA is so much more than a new beer, though — it’s made in collaboration with San Francisco Baykeeper, a local nonprofit that works tirelessly to protect the San Francisco Bay. So, that’s a huge bonus in our book. And the beer itself?

It’s damn good, featuring a sunny, fruit-forward hop finish and easy drinkability, with layers of complexity that should keep you coming back time and again. In that way, it’s similar to classic styles from Anchor Brewing — and again, that’s only good news in our opinion. – Learn More

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