Animal House Fitness MonkeyFeet

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If you already hate leg day, look away. The peeps over at Animal House have figured out a way to make hamstring curls and leg extensions even more beastly. The device is called MonkeyFeet, named for most primates’ ability to grasp with their feet. Since humans are the only primate lacking this power, this is probably the only way you’re going to be able to pick up a dumbbell with your lower extremities. 

One MonkeyFeet comes per order and it works on either foot. It fits over your shoe (up to a men’s size 14) and most dumbbells will fit in the clamp. Each MonkeyFeet can support up to a 160-pound dumbbell–if you’re lifting that kind of weight on your donkey kicks, consider us (and everyone else at your gym) impressed. 

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