Apex AP-0 Electric Supercar

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The electric vehicle industry consistently pushes the boundaries of futuristic design and innovative ingenuity. Continuing the electric vehicle craze, the Apex AP-0 offers the ultimate super sports EV. The AP-0 features an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber shell with modular space frames as well as a spine in the center for impressive rigidity and stability.

Obviously the exterior styling catches the eye upon first glance, but the real star of the show is the car’s architecture and performance. The Apex AP-0 not only looks like it’s from the future, it will help bridge the gap between the present and the age of tomorrow’s concepts.

A distinct design nonetheless, the Apex AP-0 features impressive aerodynamics and amazing innovation. The unique bodywork allows the vehicle to channel air underneath the car, behind the wheels, along the body and below the large rear diffuser. 

Apex AP-0 Electric Supercar

One of the engineering advantages to electric cars is the ability to give them a lower center of gravity than traditional gasoline automobiles. A flat floor helps keep the car grounded, offering impressive cornering and handling finesse. The 90kW floor-mounted battery pack provides a foundation for the car’s low center of gravity. 

This advanced engineering enables the Apex AP-0 to have a curb weight of just 1200 kg. As a lightweight vehicle possessing the power to go really fast, the Apex AP-0 can go 0-62 mph in just 2.3 seconds and boasts a base horsepower of 650.

The carbon-fiber chassis and next level aerodynamics already make the Apex AP-0 an interesting car, but the futuristic and stylish design may be what helps the Apex make its mark among auto enthusiasts across the world. Apex says their cars offer a more connected driving experience while embodying sustainability. Pioneering EV technology with cutting edge design while developing and delivering a strong emotional connection define the Apex AP-0.

As long as Apex stays on track, they hope to offer the AP-0 starting sometime in the latter part of 2022. Upon release, the AP-0 should start out around $195,000. The next question for consumers is: What will you be driving when the Apex AP-0 hits the streets?

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