Apollo Remastered: The Ultimate Photographic Record

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The Apollo Remastered book, appropriately titled The Ultimate Photographic Record, is as close to a historical document that you can get for your coffee table without dropping your savings account at an auction. The most complete collection of Apollo mission photographs ever, this tome comprehensively covers every mission with painstakingly remastered photos taken straight from the HD transfers of the 16mm film. 

So much more is revealed in each image, making it as if it’s the first time you’re seeing it. And in some cases, it will be. In addition to the iconic moments we all know and love, a lot of the photos are published here for the first time. The sizable format and 456-page thick composition also makes this book a genuine piece of interior design, and therefore a collectible for style people as well as history buffs, space enthusiasts, and proud Americans.

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