Apple 2nd Generation HomePod

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For some reason, so many of Apple’s sound-makers are as tinny as the string-clad empty cans the Little Rascals used in their treehouse. The second-generation Apple HomePod speaker, however, is the user-demanded evolution, providing deep, spacious, and immersive sound, on top of its always-reliable smart capabilities.

Physically, an athletic motor on the woofer gives it the lungs of a blue whale, providing a mighty, room-filling bass that’s mercifully still clean and crisp. Around that are beamforming tweeters, a whole five of them, that deliver high notes, vocals, and instrumental details accurately in both tone and frequency. 

On the digital side, Apple’s computational technology lets the speaker sense and adjust to the specific acoustics of your location. This is basically why the sound fills the room instead of spraying out as a scrawny decompressed sonic stream.

Price: $299

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