Apple Watch Series 7

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Apple devotees will be snapping up the Series 7 regardless of what features or upgrades it may offer. So for that camp, we’ll just share the basics: The latest Apple Watch model will be out later this fall and it’ll set you back $399. 

For those curious whether the Series 7 is worth it, here are all the various new bells and features.

The Apple Watch Series 7 will have a 20-percent larger display which Apple managed to do while only increasing the case size by a single millimeter for both sizes. The extra room will make it easier to touch the screen, and to that point, a qwerty keyboard will pop on screen for the first time on an Apple Watch.

Protecting that display is a 50-percent-thicker crystal with a redesigned geometry that is more resistant to cracks. The always-on display debuted with the Series 5 watch, but now it’s brighter indoors. Charging will happen faster, with 45 minutes getting you from zero to 80 percent full.

All the health monitoring is still here, with the ECG and blood oxygen monitors. Those familiar three daily rings are still there, inspiring you to move more and close them. Because apparently Apple has noticed that we’re all somehow stressed right now, a Tai Chi workout button has been added and Apple Fitness + is bringing out a guided meditation.

Supporting the company’s journey towards completely carbon-neutral operations by 2030, the magnets, most of the tungsten, and the aluminum case are recycled. And you can get that case in five new case colors, including a stylish deep olive.

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