Ares Design Wami Lalique Spyder

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There is something magical about the way a car’s design can invoke so many emotions ranging from nostalgia to excitement. Yet, the real fun always happens behind the wheel for most enthusiasts. That is especially true when you slip into the driver’s seat of the Ares Design Wami Lalique Spyder. 

Imagine a beautiful day for driving, days that are ideal for the open-air, two-seater roadster experience. You slip your hands into your favorite pair of racing gloves to grip the steering wheel of the Lalique Spyder as you fire up the engine. It roars to life through the chrome exhaust as you get ready to roll.

Clearly drawing inspiration from iconic 1950s European sports cars, the aluminum and carbon fiber body boasts seductive curves with elegant styling. Don’t let its throwback charm fool you too much though, this car is full of modern features and technology. 

Everything from the white-wall tires hugging the classy wire-style wheels to the handcrafted Italian upholstery is a stroke of genius. The Ares Design Wami Lalique Spyder is a masterpiece. 

It is also very luxurious. The interior of the Wami Lalique features an English oak dashboard and hand-made crystal embellishments. This is a timeless machine, combining the best things the past and present have to offer. You will even enjoy full Bluetooth and smartphone compatibility in the Wami, something many classic cars do not offer without modifications.

Unfortunately, Ares Design is only building 12 Wami Lalique Spyders. This car’s limited availability only makes it more desirable. Many will want to drive one, few will ever get the chance. If you do want one, you may want to contact Ares Design for more information before it’s too late.

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