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Many great sci-fi classics predicted flying cars by now. If there is any car that looks capable of achieving flight, it is the ARES S1 Project. It certainly has the power, no rocket fuel required.

Featuring a naturally aspirated V8 engine with 715 horsepower definitely translates to lift-off capability. An 8-speed dual clutch transmission delivers it all to the rear wheels with an anticipated 0 to 100 km/h time of 2.7 seconds. 

Sure, there may be more powerful supercars out there, but reaching 62 miles per hour in 2.7 seconds without forced induction is impressive. An aggressive growl fires through the S1’s custom crafted exhaust system. 

Many enthusiasts of 8 cylinder engines love the roar at open throttle. Many V8s have a redline well below the high-revving 8,800 rpm deadline in the S1 project. One taste of this motor at wide open throttle will awaken the enthusiast in any driver. 

If the purr of the exhaust doesn’t grab your attention, the seductive styling will. Bolstering ARES’ reputation for elegant design, the S1 combines class with a very futuristic finish. 

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating this car’s design as a sexy sales pitch, aerodynamic engineering plays a key role in it’s styling. To create maximum downforce, each carbon fiber body panel is hand-crafted for minimal aerodynamic resistance. 

Stability is important in a ship capable of reaching warp speeds, and this supercar certainly checks that box when it comes to downforce. A dynamic rear spoiler provides additional security.

Despite the spaceship styling, there is enough technology to make handling the S1 a very pleasant experience. No flight school needed. A double wishbone suspension along with forged aluminum axles combine with Magnetic Ride Control to keep you in the driver’s seat like a pro.

Speaking of the cockpit, the finish is fit for royalty with Alcantara and Napa leather. Artisanal stitching combines with premium craftsmanship to surround the forward-sitting cockpit design with luxurious materials. Plenty of carbon fiber accents provide a sleek touch with a racing edge. 

With rumors limiting its production to only 24 examples, expect demand to skyrocket. Pricing information will likely correspond with its rarity, when it becomes available. 

For those who find themselves behind the wheel of the S1 Project, it promises to deliver the kind of exotic Italian driving experience you expect, and then some.

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