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Show us one grooming brand that does just one thing well, and we’ll show you a grooming brand that isn’t giving you everything you need. On the other hand, Art of Sport is a men’s grooming brand that’s essential and exceptional in more ways than one, formulated to deliver quality performance for every guy on the go. They use innovative formulas designed with “peak performance” in mind — it’s a unique approach among grooming brands, given that they’ve actually dialed in the formulas of their products using real-life science (and they’re supported by some famous faces, including one James Harden).

How does that apply to you? Think of it as a one-stop shop for the best men’s grooming gear to buy right now — and then use continually wherever you go, and in any situation where you need to look, feel and smell your best. That holds true even if you’re not a pro athlete — trust us.

Art Of Sport Hair + Body Wash

Hair + Body Wash

For pro athletes and desk jockeys alike, there’s no time to waste — and certainly not in a grooming routine. That’s where the Art of Sport 2-in-1 Hair + Body Wash comes into play, delivering what the brand calls both intense moisturization and superior hydration. If it sounds too good to be true, rest assured that with Art of Sport, it’s not. – Shop Now

Art Of Sport Deodorant


The magic of Art of Sport really kicks off with the brand’s Deodorant, available in energizing scents like Compete, Rise and Challenge, each finished with unique ingredients like Citrus and made to wick away moisture all day long. An infusion of match also delivers extra energy for that crucial fresh kick. – Shop Now

Art Of Sport Skin Armor Sunscreen SPF 50

Skin Armor Sunscreen SPF 50

Listen, as guys, there’s a darn good chance we don’t wear enough sunscreen — on any given day, no less. Art of Sport went ahead and thought about that for you though, with Skin Armor Sunscreen that you’ll look forward to wearing (it’s non-greasy and weightless). – Shop Now

Art Of Sport Recovery Cream

Recovery Cream

If you hit the gym or pound the pavement, you know the sort of toll it takes on your body. So does Art of Sport — that’s why this lauded grooming brand’s Recovery Cream belongs on your shopping list. The arnica-and-eucalyptus infusion delivers strong relief, fast. – Shop Now

Art Of Sport Body Bar

Body Bar Soap

Make no mistake, there are a whole host of products from Art of Sport we could recommend. But at the end of the day, you need a total body product that delivers — we present to you the Body Bar Soap, made for all-day freshness and infused with activated charcoal. The perfect way to refresh after a hard workout, right? – Shop Now

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