Artifox Desk 02

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Now that more of us are working from home, we’re learning that a workspace can be anywhere our bodies and laptops will fit. My favorite (least favorite) so far is on a stool next to a bathtub with a bathing toddler in it. But occasionally, you need to put your head down and power through — and that means setting yourself up at a real desk, free from distractions and properly organized. This desk from Artifox understands “properly organized” like Death Valley understands hot. Or the Scots understand Scotch. Or Neil deGrasse Tyson understands stars. Point is, this desk puts clean, minimalist organization at the forefront of everything it does. 

Starting with a simple four post table, the principle organizing feature the a dock lining the back of the desk. That simple, multi-holed slot manages all of your cables and cords and even functions as a dock/stand for your phone or tablet. Artifox includes one felt Knot that keeps your cords from backsliding through the dock and you can buy more Knots from them at five bucks a pop. Beneath the desk is a stainless steel grid to which you attach your cables and connectors, power strips and chargers. The desk comes with six of their Straps which are sized to fit into the slots. Then on the front two legs, you get two pegs. Use them to hang your headphones, backpack, jacket, or the bag where you keep your thinking candy. 

The dock in the back will also accommodate Desk 02 accessories like the Tray, a simple v-shaped catch-all for pens and the like as well as the Stand for books/papers and the Lift for a monitor. All accessories sturdily clamp in through the dock and can be put anywhere along its length. Minimalist, nice to look at, built in the USA, and customizable, this is a place where you can get some serious work done with zero danger of bubble bath splashback.

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