Aska eVTOL Vehicle

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Huge shout out to the people who believe if Iron Man or Batman can have something, why can’t we? The Aska eVTOL Vehicle is scheduled for delivery in 2026 and when you get yours, you’ll have a vehicle you can drive to a helipad or airfield and then take off into the sky. When you get to your destination vertiport, just land, fold in the wings, and drive off once again. All while never leaving the comfort of the cockpit. 

As you can gather from the eVTOL name, it’s an electric vehicle capable of short and vertical take off and landing, only requiring a 65 by 65 lift-off and landing space. In drive mode, the Aska is so compact, it can fit in regular garages and parking spaces and charging is handled with a regular EV charger. The range will be around 250 miles, with a top airspeed of 150 miles an hour and land speed approaching 70. 

If you’d like to be able to drive/fly/drive like a superhero, Aska is taking deposits now. Five thousand refundable bucks will get you a spot on the list for the signature model. At that point you’ll need to send over another $780K to get the Signature Model, which also comes with pilot license training, a customized interior, and of course, a personalized license plate.

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