Avery Brewing Paws & Claws IPA

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If you’re an IPA fan — and who isn’t these days — then you’re going to like what Avery Brewing has been fixing up for you. The beer world seems to move at a breakneck pace when it comes to the latest and greatest innovations and ingredients, and some IPAs (or beers in general — see pastry stouts) tend to go over the top. That’s not what you’re getting with the Avery Brewing Paws & Claws IPA, however. It’s the perfect blend between an East Coast IPA (traditionally hazier and juicier) and a West Coast IPA (typified by a bitter and crisp, yet pleasant, finish and aroma).

The Paws & Claws IPA straddles the great IPA divide quite easily, featuring a new dry-hopping approach plus hops like Chinook, Centennial, Cascade, and Simcoe. The result? Quite possibly your new favorite beer, whether or not you consider yourself an IPA fiend or a recent craft beer enthusiast. Do yourself a favor and snag a six-pack today. 

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