Aviar R67 Electric Mustang

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One of the latest crazes in the custom automotive world is marrying beloved classic designs with fully functional modern electric vehicle platforms. Obviously Ford is responsible for many vintage car and truck designs enthusiasts still cherish to this day. The Mustang just may be one of their most successful car designs of all time.

Enter Russian custom electric car builder Aviar. Their arrival is certain to garner attention. Building an electric vintage Mustang that pays homage to the heritage, without sacrificing anything, is no easy task. 

The first obstacle to overcome? Tradition always has its roots. This means it takes a lot of ponies to out-muscle the Mustang away from its past glory. The Aviar Electric Mustang brings 840 horsepower to begin the tug-of-war. 

Yet, this stubborn old icon is already set in its ways, such as a powerful and aggressive exhaust note to warn of the pending stampede. Few Mustang enthusiasts want to part with their V8 engine tones. Who could blame them? However, many electric vehicles are near silent in comparison to their combustion-engine ancestors.

Well, it just so happens Aviar thought of everything that makes the Mustang special, including the engine’s roar. An external sound system ensures “there is not a single chance to go unnoticed” in this e-Mustang. Simulating the operation of a classic Ford V8 engine, the Aviar R67 Electric Mustang sounds as it should. It will get noticed.

Aviar used inspiration from the 1967 Mustang when designing the body for this electric muscle car. Good choice because it looks great. Retro-modern influence blends the old with the new for a flawless and seductive exterior finish. Besides sharing classic Mustang styling and growl, that’s where the similarities end. 

Aviar R67 Electric Mustang

For starters, the 1967 Mustang featured a rear-wheel drive platform. The Aviar Mustang provides the traction and handling benefits of all-wheel drive. Hooking tires up instantly, the R67 Mustang launches from 0 to 60 miles per hour in only 2.2 seconds.

All-weather driving stability is nice by itself, but the all-wheel drive capability will provide additional peace of mind while reaching the maximum top speed of 155 mph in the Aviar R67. Hold on to your hats, because it might get windy out there.

Plenty of modern technology puts this Mustang in a class of its own. The comfortable, luxurious and convenient interior design is ideal for both shorter city drives as well as long-distance driving. 

Once the Aviar R67 reaches a speed of 75 mph, the “antiwing” spoiler extends for better aerodynamics and handling. As soon as the car goes back down to 50 mph or less, the wing retracts to its natural position, concealed along the rear lines of the trunk. The wing is also extended if the Aviar enters Sport or Race mode. Although, there will not be many willing suitors lining up against this angry Stang.

An adaptive air suspension system adjusts on the fly. Built to improve ride comfort, cornering, and aerodynamics at higher speeds, the adaptive suspension ranges anywhere from 119 mm to 192 mm of clearance off the ground.

Along with other advanced technology, the Aviar R67 also features Automatic Pilot to help get you wherever you need to go. Since the platform is loosely based on the Tesla Model S, expect the R67 autopilot feature to be a similar user experience. With an estimated range of 315 miles between charges, this car will revolutionize the classic Mustang driving experience.

There is no doubt about it, the Aviar R67 Electric Mustang nails it. Inside and out, this car is definitely a retro-modern electric muscle car. Stay tuned to Aviar for more information on the R67 when it becomes available.

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